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Thank you very much for voting in the "Favorite BlairZone" poll!!
And the winner is......"Reckless" by a whopping 47%!!!
Guess that means 'old Tate will have to make it into the next installment!)
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Below is the complete listing to all of my stories


Curly's Revenge

Summary: Just a silly snippet originally posted to the Sentinel Angst List.
link to story

No Cookies for YOU!

Summary: Another silly snippet originally posted to the Sentinel Angst List.
link to story

The First Autopsy

Summary: Blair attends his first autopsy. Warning--Graphic Description.
link to story

Tammy's Knocker's

Summary: A sleepy Blair snippet written for Hephaistos. Originally posted to the SA List.
link to story


The Siren's Call

Summary: Blair has difficulty dealing with recent events and takes drastic measures.
link to story

The Day that Went Wrong

Summary: A missunderstanding and hurtful words
threaten the relationship between sentinel and guide.
link to story


Summary: Short introspective piece
link to story

What Lies Within

Summary: Short angsty story written for DawnC. Blair angst abounds!
link to story

Running Man

Summary: Three months after being kidnapped from Rainier, Blair is found, much to everyone's relief.
But important questions remained unanwered. Where was he?
Who took him, and more importantly why?
link to story

Mortal Thoughts

Summary: Blair has trouble dealing with a painful memory.

link to story

Fear Based Responses~~Novations Virtual Season

Summary: Blair, Jim and Alex have a final showdown.
Co-Authored with Brate and Gemini. Two *outstanding* authors!

link to story


Summary: Painful reflection on things gone wrong.

link to story


Blair Zone I

Summary: Blair begins to unravel,
as a brutal caseload and tragic accident push him over the edge.(30k)
link to story

Blair Zone II: Overload

Summary: Jim and Blair try to come to terms with Blair's new gift,
while trying to solve a murder (98k)
link to story

Blair Zone III: Discord

Summary: The sentinel becomes frustrated over his guide's strange behavior,
while an old enemy returns seeking revenge. (140k)
link to story

Blair Zone IV: Night Terrors

Summary: Nightmarish visions torment sentinel and guide. (26k)
link to story

Blair Zone V: Reckless

Summary: A disgruntled detective begins a personal vendetta against
sentinel and guide.(149k)
link to story

Blair Zone VI: The Distancing

Summary: A snippet in which Blair reflects upon the destruction of
the sentinel/guide bond due to Alex's interference.(11k)
link to story

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