The Day that went Wrong Spoilers: none
Summary: Misunderstandings threaten the Sentinel/Guide relationship.

The Day that went Wrong

By MaBrown

This day had somehow gone horribly, horribly wrong. And seemed to be showing no signs of looking up anytime soon.

First off, after another all nighter studying for upcoming exams, not to mention grading exams, Blair had awakened after a scant couple of hours of sleep to a raging headache. /God, I gotta start getting more sleep/ Blair thought groggily as he stumbled towards the shower. A few minutes later, dressed and somewhat more awake, he headed out the door to the university. He had a couple of classes that morning, and didn't have to be at the precinct until 1pm, when he was supposed to help Jim interrogate a possible suspect in a robbery/arson case. Since the suspect was a Rainer student and Blair had seen him around the campus, he had volunteered his time to help with the questioning. Hoping he could put the suspect at ease, possibly aiding him in slipping up and revealing something, anything to help the lagging case.

Unfortunately, true to Sandburgian luck, the beloved Volvo had broken down on the way to the university. After several failed attempts to revive the vehicle (and a few choice words) Blair gave up, noticing how late he was running on time and caught a bus to the university. Without even sparing a minute to catch up with the day Blair immediately headed into his first Anthro class. Once there, things continued to go downhill when despite all of his best teaching efforts, the students seemed to lack interest in anything he had to say (of course that might have had something to do with the fact he'd left his lecture notes in the Volvo). He eventually gave up and dismissed his last class with a promise of a major exam in their future, and headed to his office to call Jim to see if he could get a ride to the station since his car was out of commission for the time being.

Not getting an answer, he then tried Jim's cell phone only to receive no response there either. Sighing heavily, he pulled of his glasses and begun rubbing his temples trying to calm the headache that once again resurged, threatening to return with a vengeance. He glanced at the clock on his desk; the red numbers seemed to flash in time with the pulsing of his headache. 12:15pm. Great, guess it was time for another trip on the bus if he was going to make this interview on time.
He definitely wouldn't have bothered if he had know what was coming next.


Blair sat slumped down in his customary seat across from his sentinel at Jim's desk at Major Crimes. His eyes once again rose towards his friend hoping to somehow catch some type of warmth, heck even cool familiarity from Jim, but once again Jim stoically ignored Blair's presence. Sighing, Blair gave the fruitless attempt at bringing Jim around, one last vain stab.



"Jim, come one man, you know I didn't mean for this to happen!"

Still nothing.

"Aren't you even going to say anything, come on man, you know I can't stand this covert ops silent crap!!" Anger beginning to touch the anthropologist's words. "It was an honest mistake!"

"Sandburg," Jim growled " I think it's best you leave for the day", Jim's tone almost granite, stone like in quality.

"Jim, man, I think we really need to talk about this. I know your upset, I know I got my times a mixed up, but I swear, I thought the meeting with David Jones was for 1pm, not 10am this morning. I would've told you I had classes!"

"Sandburg, save it" Jim's voice now rising in pitch, matching his anger which had been set on slow boil for the last 3 hours, but now threatened to erupt. He leaned forward, lowering the pitch of his voice, eyes narrowed in a scowl usually reserved for the hapless criminals who were fool enough to get in his way, which in Cascade there seemed to be an endless supply of.

"We discussed this in great detail last night as to the time of this meeting. You can't even begin to realize how bad it looked for you not to be there, after Simon helped arrange everything to make sure you could be there. Simon went ballistic when you didn't show up. You were the one who wanted to be there, You were the one who insisted on helping interview this witness, since the guys was from Rainer, You were the one who suggested the time for the meeting!!"

Blair watched in an almost morbid fascination as the muscles in Jim's jaws clenched in an inhumanly vicious manner, Jim's teeth once again bearing the brunt of all his frustrations. /God, I'd hate to be his dentist/ Blair couldn't help thinking. The headache was steadily getting worse and he was finding it harder to concentrate on what Jim was saying, not that he was particularly enjoying this conversation anyway.

Acutely aware that Blair had temporally zoned out on the conversation, Jim fumed-"Are you even listening to me? -- No forget it, you want to be my partner, you'd better start getting your stuff together, because at this rate working alone is sounding pretty good to me. Do we have an understanding here? Or should I write it down for you--in case you forget!" Jim spat out, waiting Blair's reply.

He didn't have long to wait. The collage of colors that crossed the young man's face might have been amusing any other time had the situation not been so tense. Blair's eyes flashed in rare anger as he stood up snatching up his backpack from the desk. This day was beginning to prove to be too long, and he had had just about enough of Jim's rantings and ravings to last well into his next lifetime.

"No I understand perfectly Ellison. But let me make something a little clearer for you, as to our conversation last night, you are the one who suggested 1pm as the time, use that magic memory, heck use any one of those superhuman skills of yours I'm sure it'll all come back to you. And for the record, I juggled all my class schedules around just so I could be here to support you, be that partner that you need! I get really tired of you throwing our partnership in my face when things go wrong, or we have a disagreement. I've tried really hard to fit into your world, to help you the best I can, but if this is the thanks that I get for that effort, believe me, I'm sorry I bothered!"

And with that parting comment Blair stormed out of Major Crimes, leaving a stunned and thoroughly chastised Jim Ellison in his wake.


Blair fumed as he rode the elevator down to ground level. Jim could infuriate him like no else and he was tired of trying to stay on the man of steel's good side. He'd had it, maybe it was time to consider moving out and looking for a place of his own. He apparently wasn't of much use any more and certainly didn't want to hang around where he wasn't wanted. As the elevator doors parted, he stalked out of them realizing he didn't have a ride. /Great, now what? / He thought leaning against the wall, as the headache once again threatened to overcome him in it's intensity, squeezing his eyes shut, he breathed through the pain and once it had abated slightly he opened his eyes again. And looked up into the eyes of his sentinel.

"Jim" was all he got out before the tale tale white line shot out across his vision signally the beginnings of an intense migraine. Gasping at the intensity the migraine had taken on, he slowly slid down the wall until his bottom hit the floor with a resounding smack. Which of course did nothing to help his headache.

"Blair, are you alright, what's wrong buddy?" Jim's voice held none of the earlier contempt, now it only held concern and a hint of worry.

Blair didn't even open his eyes, "Jim man, what is it, as you can see, I'm kinda busy here, mentally breaking down, but hey I can pencil you in later, that is if I remember. I don't think I have pad and pen on me right now."

Jim winced as his own words were tossed back in his face. Shamefaced he began his apology, "Blair, you were right, I'm sorry for coming down on you, when I thought back to our conversation last night, I clearly remembered telling you the meeting was at one. I confused our meeting time with another and gave you the wrong time, I had meant to tell you the right time, but somehow it slipped my mind. I'm sorry buddy, I had no right coming down you the way I did. I was just frustrated with the fact that we're getting no where on this case, and the commissioner jumped all over Simon, which in turn means he jumped all over me, and I guess took all out on you. None of this was your fault at all and I'm really sorry, I shouldn't have made that comment about not wanting a partner. I'm more than happy with you as a partner, and wouldn't have it any other way!"

Kneeling down he took in Blair's pale countenance, and pained marked features, " Hey, what's wrong," he asked softly "another migraine?"

"Yeah, came on this morning, listen Jim," Blair paused to take a breath, never once opening his eyes, " I'm sorry I reacted the way I did, this just hasn't been my best day. Do you think you could give me a ride home? My car broke down on the way to the Uni. and I had to catch the bus to get here."

"Yeah, no problem, are you sure your okay?-" He asked again, watching as Blair swayed slightly after rising to his feet. "Yeah, I'll be alright" came the pained response spoken so softly, Jim had to turn up his hearing to catch it.

Hesitantly, as he helped Blair out the door of the garage to the truck, Jim asked "What about us, you know, earlier, are we okay??"

Blair almost had to smile at the pleading look Jim now had on his face, earnestly awaiting his response. This was a rare Jim indeed, apologetic, and desperately needing the assurance that their friendship, their partnership was still on track. Finally he relented, his former rage quickly dying down as the weight of the days' activities and lack of serious sleep settled heavily upon his shoulder.

"Yeah, we're fine man." He sighed, "Water under the bridge."

Jim visibly relaxed, and with a small smile helped Blair into the truck. Blair leaned back, closing his eyes with a softly murmured "thanks Jim."

"Let's get you home then partner, so you can rest and try to relieve some of the headache. After your settled, why don't I order in dinner, how about that new Chinese place you've been wanting to try, my treat? And after that we can get your car towed to my mechanic and see if we can't get that relic road worthy again, how does that sound?" Jim in full blown mother hen mode glanced over at his shaman, waiting for his reply, but knew none would be forthcoming, for the young man had fallen asleep, the events of the day finally catching up with him.

Jim smiled softly, vowing to make up for his earlier mistakes and give his guide his much needed peace and quiet. Resolutely Jim turned the truck out onto the street and took his weary guide home.


January 2000

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