Blair Zone II--"Overload" Spoilers: none
Rating: G
Summary: Blair reflects on a warm spring day.


By MaBrown

He loved spring.

Blair stood looking out of the balcony doors, enjoying the warm spring sunshine blazing through the glass. Today was a rare day off for him, the university was shut down for spring break, and Jim was off in court finishing up the last of the Stizmen case. Blair had taken advantage of this peaceful time and slept in late, not even hearing when Jim had left for court. He had leisurely showered and dressed, heading to the kitchen for his customary cup of tea, and spotted a note on the counter from Jim.

--Hey Chief,
Looks like great weather today
Meet me for lunch at the courthouse around noon,
I'll even let you pick the place ha ha

Blair smiled fondly and laid the note back down on the counter. He wandered back over to the balcony doors. Deciding that simply feeling the warmth of the sun through the doors was not enough, he opened them with a graceful gesture and stepped out onto the balcony. The breeze that was wafting over him was warm and gentle, soothing in its touch as he relaxed even further and leaned over the railing.

Taking in a deep breath, he realized he could smell some of the spring flowers that were trying to come to life after their long winter rest. Absently he wondered what is must be like on a day like this for Jim. With his sentinel senses, the warm air and sweet smells, must be pure heaven. Sometimes he had to admit he was mildly jealous of Jim's abilities. What would it be like to hear better, see more clearly, heck do anything better than any other living person? Course, he'd never know, Blair was just the Guide, leading or rather helping the Sentinel. He was nothing special. Shaking himself from his thoughts, he glanced down to the street and noted a few children laughing and playing, evidently enjoying the day as much as he was. Their laughter was almost infectious, giddy with delight, and he found himself smiling along with them.

Turning his attention to the other side of the street he noticed a young woman walking with her toddler, smiling and pointing to this and that, as the toddler would laugh with delight at the things his mother was showing him. A strange since a déjà vu came over Blair as he took in the appearance more thoroughly of mother and child. The young woman was a red head (a knockout one at that), and the toddler sported chestnut curls that spilled all over his head in a soft halo. /God, I swear that looks just like Naomi and me, when I was that age. / Blair thought to himself with a smile.

Naomi. His mother. The woman who gave him life, so that he could be here on this balcony, enjoying this beautiful day. Many people had had their opinions about the way Naomi had raised him, but he wouldn't have changed a thing. Heck, if truth were told, if it weren't for Naomi dragging him all over the planet for most of his childhood, he wouldn't be the man he was today. He wouldn't have the passion to study people and their cultures. He wouldn't have become an anthropologist traveling the world on expeditions. He certainly wouldn't have searched for and found his sentinel. Yes, no matter what others had thought of her, Naomi was a good woman, and a wonderful mother. Nope he wouldn't change a thing.

Shaking himself yet again from his revelries, he took one last deep breath of the calming air and headed back inside the loft. A quick glance at his watch revealed it was almost noon, and he had a lunch date with Jim. He smiled to himself as he shut the balcony doors, then headed on his way.

He loved spring.

The End

January 2000

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